The Passing of John Roe, Jr.

The VirtualBoxwell team is sad to announce the passing of John Roe, Jr. John joined Parnell’s Activity Yard staff in 1962. His primary run on staff ended in 1965 when he served as Parnell’s AY Director. He returned in 1967 as a Provisional Leader and, if our records are correct, came back one final summer in 1968 to fill in on the Con Yard staff. John formed strong ties with these staffs. Every year a group of Parnell staff members from these years, including John, Phil Roe, Pat Bray, Greg Tucker, Jerome Terrell, and others get together. They often visit Latimer Reservation, but within the last several years the group took a trip to Boundary Waters to recreate the trip they took as youth in 1965.

Outside of Boxwell staff, John remained deeply involved in Scouting. At the time of his passing, he was serving on the Executive Board of the Council. In his “real life,” he was a lawyer, the founding member of a firm that opened its doors in 1981. John’s first wife passed over twenty years ago; he is survived by his wife Jane, and several children and grandchildren.

John’s official obituary and services information can be found here:

**This post has been edited. We incorrected identified Phil Roe as John’s brother. The post has been updated. We have also corrected the list of Parnell staff and the date of the Charles Sommers Canoe Base trip. March 5, 2024.

The Parnell Staff Boundary Waters Reunion trip. Back row (L-R): John Roe, Phil Roe, John Bryant. Front Row (seated): Wes Frye, Greg Tucker, Jerome Terrell. Photo from Wes Frye.

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