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The Shotgun Range

As part of the Centennial Capital Campaign, the shotgun range in Camp Light’s High Adventure Area received a major upgrade. A shelter was built. Individual throwers were installed. It’s a nice facility. But it came from humble beginnings.

There was a time when the shotgun range was little more than a portable pigeon thrower located between Stahlman and Parnell. By 1991, the “range” had moved to it’s present location. By “range,” we mean the mobile launcher was moved and a tarp was raised over a picnic table. But the evolution continued…

The 1994 capital campaign brought the bones of the current set up, courtesy of the Maddox Foundation. The lower traphouse was installed as well as the flagpole and the concrete pad for shooting. The photo here shows this new set up in February 2001–before the pool, before the Josh Sain Gateway, and before the High Adventure Center. You can see the range “in action” in 2004 with a fence here:

Collection of Kerry Parker

Maddox Shotgun Range, 2001
The “renovated” shotgun range in Camp Light, 2001. Permanent improvements courtesy of Maddox Foundation, 1994.

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