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Brownsea II

This summer, the reservation is rolling out a program titled “Brownsea.” This is the newest incarnation of the First Year Camper Program, which dates back to 1993. This new version will be for both camps and the instruction in Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class skills (along with Scouting Heritage merit badge!) will be held at Camp Beany Elam, the old home of Wood Badge.

But Brownsea has historically meant something completely different. Throughout its history in Scouting, “Brownsea” has been a youth leadership training program. Now known as National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT), Brownsea has often been held at Boxwell after the traditional summer camp season ended.

Seen here is one of the earlier versions of Brownsea, specifically Brownsea II (pronounced “Brownsea Double 2”). Several camp staff greats were involved with this incarnation at the same time, including Russ Parham, Jack Holt, and Perry Bruce. Seen here are Steve Eubank (left) and Jerry Barnett (right) as Scouts cross a monkey bridge of their own making.

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Brownsea II
Steve Eubank (left) and Jerry Barnett (right) at Brownsea Monkey Bridge, ca. 1982

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