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Jet Skis

Boxwell is an evolving entity. When the Boat Harbored opened, sailboating, motorboating, and water skiing were the order of the day. This was true with the first incarnation (the Ski Dock) from 1960-1975 and then again when the Harbor reopened in 1995.

Since the 1995 reopening, one of the additions at the Harbor has been the arrival of jet skis. Far more common now than they used to be, this (newer) water sport has its own skills and dangers with it. Thus, teaching youth how to properly operate one of these high speed vehicles is a perfect opportunity for Scouting.

Seen here are three Scouts on Jet Skis in the Boat Harbor lagoon in the summer of 2019. Ed Mason was the instructor for this session of approximately 10 youth.

Photo by Dakota Gordon, 2019

Scouts on Jet Skis, 2019

Scouts on Jet Skis at the Boat Harbor, June 28, 2019. Photo by Dakota Gordon.


Remembering the Staff

Boxwell Reservation, 1994

1994 was the last year of Tom Willhite as Reservation Director. At Craig, Kerry Parker returned as Program Director and Jeff Hawkins (still a professional) served as the Camp Director. At Stahlman, Parnell-Craig alumnus Travis Spivey began his run as Program Director with Moses Caballero as his Camp Director and Andy Verble as Commissioner. COPE was enjoying its 10th summer, this time with Lance Ussery as Director. Willie Claud continued on a ranger, but this would be the last summer with Pearl Schleicher as cook.

1994 also saw the start of a capital campaign. CubWorld would replace Murrey the final year, making 1994 the final summer of the family camp.  Christy Willhite was its last director.

Seen here is the Staff photo for Craig in 1994, taken by Business Manager Russ Parham.  We do not have a Stahlman staff photo for this year.

Craig Staff, 1994

Craig Staff, 1994

From the Archives, June 23, 2024


The Roy Grindstaff Skilled Trades Center was dedicated on October 12, 2023. This means that even though the building was open and working already, this summer (2024) is the first summer of a completed Skilled Trades program with appropriate signage.

The Skilled Trades area in Camp Parnell utilizes a new building, which is part of the latest capital campaign, but it also uses the program shelters that were built as part of the 1994 capital campaign. There were three such buildings created in Parnell and two have remained unchanged. The third has been completely re-purposed with heavy plastic curtains, overhead lights, and individual stations all dedicated to the purpose of welding.

Seen here is a Scout experimenting with Welding at the dedication in October 2023. As with any good Scouting dedication, youth are on hand to demonstrate the new tools available and how amazing they are. Nothing says skilled trade adventure like sparks!

Photo by Grady Eades

Scout Welding

A Scout demonstrates welding at the Roy Grindstaff Skilled Trades Center dedication, October 12, 2023

Remembering the Staff

Boxwell Reservation, 1984

Still the longest serving Reservation Director to date, Tom Willhite’s run was in full swing by 1984. At Stahlman, Ernie Ragsdale served as Program Director with his right hand man Jim Barr was on the waterfront. The Camp director (still a professional) was David Collins. At Parnell, Jerry Barnett was Program Director with Bill Evatt as Camp Director. Murrey was run by Willhite’s daughter Christy. (The Boat Harbor was closed and there was no COPE or pool; Parnell was on its two year rotation with Craig). Rounding out the team were the Schleichers as the reservation cooks, Willie Claud as Ranger, and Russ Parham as the Business Manager.

Seen here at the staff photos for Stahlman and Parnell, taken by Russ Parham.

Stahlman 1984

Stahlman Staff, 1984

Parnell Staff, 1984

Parnell Staff, 1984

From the Archives, June 16, 2024

Fathers’ Day

Believe it or not, Father’s Day did not become a permanent, nationally recognized holiday until 1972. Nevertheless, there have also been quite a few fathers who have worked on camp staff. We thought for this year’s Father’s Day we would make our first attempt at trying to recognize all the fathers and their children who have worked the Boxwell staff. If we’ve forgotten anyone (and we’re SURE we have), let us know.

The commemorate this list we have included a photo of Larry Jackson at a Friday Night Campfire at Parnell in 1970. Larry was the son of legendary Program Director Jimmy Joe Jackson.

Ward E. Akers; Ward C. Akers and James E. Akers
Michael Allen; Addison Allen
William J. Anderson; William J. Anderson, Jr.
Frank Arias; Greg Arias
Jim Barr; D. C. Barr
Richard Britnell; Stephen Britnell
Larry Carpenter; Craig Carpenter
Willie Claud; Brian Claud and Lori Claud Locke
Pat Deugaw; Dale Deugaw
Luke Gaffin; Chad Gaffin and Don Gaffin
Kent Galyon; Michael Galyon
Bob Garner; Chris Garner
Larry Green; Michael Green and Chris Green
Jack Holt; Joe Holt
Jimmy Joe Jackson; Larry Jackson
John Kasper; Megan Kasper
“Red” Kirby; Darrell Kirby
Jerry Keathley; Winn Keathley
David MaGuirk; James MaGuirk and Connor MaGuirk
Dutch Mann; Doug Mann and David Mann
Tom Parker; Richard Howard and Kathy Howard
Jim Patten; Aaron Patten and Sean Patten
Norman Patterson; Jeff Patterson
Doug Pelren; Eric Pelren and David Pelren
Chuck Pierce; Emma Pierce and Steven Pierce
Philip “Timmy Tenderfoot” Pratt; Emmaline Pratt
Mark Rodgers; Ted Rodgers
Bobby Smith; David Smith
Charlie Ray Smith; Scott Smith
Ralph Walker; Jason Walker
Rob Ward; Marcus Ward
Tom Willhite; Tommy Willhite, Mark Willhite, and Christy Willhite
Bob Younts; Cory Younts

Photo by Chris “Kit” Eckert, 1970

Larry Jackson, 1970

Larry Jackson, son of program director Jimmy Joe Jackson, at a Parnell Friday Night Campfire, 1970.