Remembering the Staff

Boxwell Reservation, 1974

The 1960s high water mark was over by 1974, but camp still ran for 8 weeks in the summer with (mostly full) camps.  1974 was the first summer to have Stahlman, Parnell, Craig, and Murrey all running at the same time!

Ward Akers was still Council Executive. Ed Human was Reservation Director. Gladys Roberts ran Murrey with Shirley Kimbro on the Waterfront. At Stahlman, Garland Russell was Program Director with Troy Feltner as his Camp Director (still a professional). Steve Eubank ran Parnell with Larry Green serving as Camp Director (the first of many!). The Ski Dock was run by Bobby Parker. Pearl Schleicher was Reservation Cook and Norman Patterson began his first summer as Ranger.

Below are the staff photos for Stahlman and Parnell.  There is no known staff photo for Craig in 1974.

Stahlman Staff, 1974

Stahlman Staff in 1974.

Parnell Staff, 1974

Parnell Staff in 1974


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