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Jet Skis

Boxwell is an evolving entity. When the Boat Harbored opened, sailboating, motorboating, and water skiing were the order of the day. This was true with the first incarnation (the Ski Dock) from 1960-1975 and then again when the Harbor reopened in 1995.

Since the 1995 reopening, one of the additions at the Harbor has been the arrival of jet skis. Far more common now than they used to be, this (newer) water sport has its own skills and dangers with it. Thus, teaching youth how to properly operate one of these high speed vehicles is a perfect opportunity for Scouting.

Seen here are three Scouts on Jet Skis in the Boat Harbor lagoon in the summer of 2019. Ed Mason was the instructor for this session of approximately 10 youth.

Photo by Dakota Gordon, 2019

Scouts on Jet Skis, 2019

Scouts on Jet Skis at the Boat Harbor, June 28, 2019. Photo by Dakota Gordon.


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