Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July! Have a great and safe holiday. Enjoy this pic of fireworks from the OA Lodge, concluding a joint campfire, 2018. Collection of Grady Eades.


Remembering the Staff, 1922-1952

As we do every year, when summer camp begins, we take a moment out each week to remember former camp staffs–the ones who make the program possible. Without the summer camp staff, there would be no summer camp program!

At Linton, in 1922, Camp Boxwell had opened for its second summer. William Anderson, the Council Executive, was “General Management” and his Camp Director was a member of his track team, Hugh Nixon. The Swimming Director was local basketball celebrity Lallie Richter and of course Walter Whittaker was the head cook. All other staff were adult volunteers. There were no staff photos.

At the Narrows in 1932, the Great Depression was in its peak year while Camp Boxwell was in its 3rd year at the new location. Anderson was again out at camp but the Council’s Field Executive Robert DuBose was the Camp Director. Tallmadge Miller ran the waterfront and Walter Whittaker was the head cook. 1932 was the first summer with a youth staff–8 Eagle Scouts who were on site all summer to help the volunteer adult instructors. Future Camp Director James Gribble was among these. Among the adult instructors was living legend Rev. A. C. Adamz. Camp ran from Monday, June 20 to Monday, July 18: the shortest summer of Anderson’s tenure.

In 1942, the United States had officially joined the second World War, so all the news focused on the war. We know only that camp met that summer, Anderson was there as was Whittaker, and Melvin Williams was the camp director. Camp ran from Monday, June 1 to Monday, July 27.

In 1952, Ward E. Akers was now Council Executive and Boxwell had moved to Rock Island. After a capital campaign in 1951, the Council now referred to Boxwell as Boxwell Reservation, not Camp Boxwell, though it was still only one camp. Economist Clarence Jung was Camp Director with several assistants. Severl familiar names appear on the 1952 roster including Floyd “Q-ball” Pearce, John Parish, Barry Goad, and Richard Parker. Camp ran from June 29 to August 11.

The photo here is from the Tennessean, July 13, 1952, page 9B. Rock Island Scouts and staff enjoy summer camp in “Its Takes a Busy Program to Keey Boy Scouts Busy at Summer Camp.”

It Takes a Busy Program...
“Its Takes a Busy Program to Keep Boy Scouts Busy at Summer Camp,” The Tennessean, July 13, 1952, pg. 9B.

From the Archives, May 29, 2022

In Memory

In honor of Memorial Day, we thought we would try something a little different this week. This week’s post is in honor of all our staff friends and colleagues who are no longer with us.

Follow the link to see our list of staff who have passed. If there are names missing, please pass them on.

But more importantly, use the comments to share stories. Keeping the stories alive helps keep the individuals with us.

Take a moment this weekend and remember members of the service who are no longer with us. Take another moment and remember those staff who are no longer with us.


Reservation Flags Half-Mast
Reservation flags at Half-Mast for Pat Deugaw, 2011

Boxwell History Presentations

Just a reminder: Grady Eades (the VirtualBoxwell guy) will be wrapping up his spring book tour on the history of Boxwell. These are the final presentations this spring, so now’s your chance to come see the show! There will be a presentation on the camp’s history with books for sale (and signing) afterward.

Tuesday, May 31, 2022 at 5pm
Gallatin Public Library
Gallatin, TN

Thursday, June 2, 2022 at 7pm
Linebaugh Public Library
Murfreesboro, TN

Here’s a little local promotion from the Murfreesboro Voice:


Pre-Camp Boxwell Help

FORMER STAFF! Camp is just a few weeks away and there is still a good deal to do to prepare. One of the rangers was recently injured, slowing the amount of work that can be completed in this critical period before summer camp.

Over the next two to three weeks, if you have time you can spare–a few hours, half a day, an afternoon, a full day, whatever–please come out to the reservation. You can mow. You can spray for ticks. You can do any number of other jobs that are needed to help get camp ready to go for summer 2022.

Contact with Jason Flannery with your availability and what you can do to help. Any little bit will help!

Jason Flannery

Now is your chance to drive a tractor again. Be like Cory Younts!!