Merry Christmas 2021

As has become a tradition around here, we present you with Tom Willhite as Santa Claus. DE Buff Groth is asking for gifts!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Tom Willhite as Santa Claus at a Council Christmas party; 1980 Parnell Camp Director Buff Groth on his lap

On this Day, July 5

On this day–Tuesday, July 5, 1921–the very first Camp Boxwell opened in Linton, Tennessee. The first Boxwell was located on just 4 acres, part of the family farm of Samuel S. Morton. It encamped 60 boys a week and ran for two weeks. It was named after the Nashville Council’s Camping Committee Chairman, Leslie G. Boxwell, who had been instrumental in finding and establishing the camp.

Linton Campsite
From _The Nashville Banner_ August 28, 1921. The caption reads: “The Scout Camp and One of the Troops which occupied it.”



On July 5, 1921 the VERY FIRST Boxwell opened in Linton, TN.

A truck picked up Scouts going to camp at the intersection of the Belle Meade and Harding Road at 10am and 4:30pm.  Camp only ran for about three weeks at the time and cost less than $6 a week!

We are hoping to start a new tradition, not just here at VirtualBoxwell, but across Middle Tennessee Council by celebrating BOXWELL DAY–a day commemorating the opening of the first Boxwell.

Share this message far and wide.  If you use social media, share the post.  If you are looking on the website, share the link.  Spread the word so that everyone knows this is a new Middle Tennessee Council holiday!

Thank you to all the professionals, volunteers and staff members who have worked for 100 summers to keep Boxwell alive and flourishing!

To Celebrate the Centennial, we present to you the first ever history of Boxwell, For the Good of the Program. Written by the author of this site, Grady Eades, For the Good of the Program details how and why Boxwell has transformed from its humble beginnings in 1921 to the immense reservation we know today.

Order your copy today and share the link with your friends:

Happy Boxwell Day everyone!

For the Good of the Program
For the Good of the Program: A Century of Middle Tennessee Scouting at Boxwell, 1921-2021.

2021 Boxwell Staff Reunion

This is it! We’re down to the final 48 hours at the time of this posting (midnight, June 5). Boxwell summer camp staff, you have until 11:59 PM Sunday, June 6 to register for the 2021 Staff Reunion. This is your LAST WARNING.

Cost is $20 per person and that covers dinner, a t-shirt, and a patch. You will get a Staff Reunion t-shirt, but can also purchase a Boxwell Centennial t-shirt for the non-staff members of your family. Or you can just register for dinner. Additional t-shirts ($10) and patches ($5) are available as well.

This is it ladies and gentlemen. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on July 3rd! If you haven’t used Doubleknot before, I would encourage you to move slowly and read the directions as you go.

Below are the designs for the Staff Reunion t-shirt, the Centennial t-shirt, and the Reunion patch.

2021 Reunion Patch
2021 Staff Reunion patch
2021 Centennial T-shirt
Back of Centennial T-shirt (“Boxwell 1921-2021” on front)
2021 Staff Reunion T-shirt
Design for the Reunion T-shirt

Website Update, April 1, 2021

Hello All,

As Boxwell’s Centennial continues, we give you a new banner image. This banner reflects the Narrows of the Harpeth Boxwell, 1930-1948. Below is the new image.

We are approaching the actual Centennial date and thus the Staff Reunion as well. So as we move into the summer, we have a few more special things to throw out there. There will be some new videos coming as well as information and registration for the Staff Reunion. The “On This Day” series will occur more frequently and we’ll keep up our regular “From the Archives” posts. Hang on. We’re just getting started!

Here’s the new banner image. See you again soon!