Website Updates

For the most part, we’ve been fairly quiet over here at  A few weekly postings, but nothing BIG.  Well, that’s because we’ve been busy!  So, as summer camp is now over, we can finally reveal what we’ve been working on.

There are several updates to the site, some large and some small.  There are two “big” changes, so we’ll touch on those first.

The “biggest” change (and we mean “big” because of the amount of work involved) is a total overhaul of the camp maps section ( Every map has been rebuilt from the ground up, each created from actual maps of Boxwell.  Thus, for the first time, the maps are actually shaped and proportioned to reflect the way Boxwell is actually laid out!  No more hand-drawn maps; these are the real deal.  New icons have been added and all new photos have been taken.  In short, just about every aspect of the camp maps has been redesigned and rebuilt to present Scouts and Scouters with a better layout of their camp.

The second “big” change will start on Wednesday.  We will be adding a new section to our blog and Facebook feed: From the News.  From the News will be articles from local newspapers (mostly the Tennessean and the Nashville Banner) about Boxwell and the Council.  In short, we will be providing “first draft” history of Middle Tennessee Council and Boxwell as it was being written.  It should be an interesting look at how things were “back in the day”!

As for the smaller changes…

We’ve updated the Staff Photos page.  We have new staff photos for Craig, Stahlman, CubWorld and the Reservation staffs.  Check this out at

As we do every three months or so, we’ve updated the banner image.  The new banner is a photo taken by Michael Seay in 1978… from the air!  The original photo is below.

We’ve also updated the “About Us” section (, conducted several interviews with past staff members (Ron Turpin, Larry Green, and Christy Willhite Bryant last summer and Jim Barr and the daughters of Ed Human this summer), updated the “Master List” for future reunions with almost 200 additions and corrections, and tried to track down an old time capsule.  It has been a busy summer!

We’d like to give a special thank you to a number of people who have helped make all of this possible.  To Russell Parham and Cameron Grady, who took photos for the new maps.  To Michael Seay, Eric Cole, and Chris Eckert, whose historic photos of Boxwell continue to find their way into “classic Parnell.” To JJ Norman, Noah Davis, Meredith MaGuirk, Jason Flannery, and John Kasper, whose contributions of staff photos in recent years keeps us current!

We’re still working on a variety of other long term projects.  Keep checking in to see what surprises await!

Craig Banner

Craig Dining Hall and original waterfront from the air, July 14, 1978. Photo by Michael Seay

A Request: Woodbadge Photos

We’ve been asked to put out the word: A few years ago, someone asked Reservation Director Carl Adkins if he/she could borrow the Woodbadge photos in Fehrmann Training Center. The idea was to take the photos and “fix them up” so they could be presented better.
As of this date, the photos have not been returned.
If you know something about this, please let us know or simply return the photos to Carl. He would like them back!

Happy Boxwell Day!

Happy Boxwell Day

On July 5, 1921 the VERY FIRST Boxwell opened in Linton, TN.

A truck picked up Scouts going to camp at the intersection of the Belle Meade and Harding Road at 10am and 4:30pm.  Interestingly, this first July 5th pick up was ALSO a Tuesday! Camp only ran for about three weeks at the time and cost less than $6 a week!

We are hoping to start a new tradition, not just here at VirtualBoxwell, but across Middle Tennessee Council by celebrating BOXWELL DAY–a day commemorating the opening of the first Boxwell.

To that end, we ask for two things from you:
1) Share this message far and wide.  If you use social media, share the post.  If you are looking on the website, share the link.  Spread the word so that everyone knows this is a new Middle Tennessee Council holiday!
2) Take this opportunity to share your favorite Boxwell stories in the comments AND, if you are staff member, contact an old friend and reminisce about years gone by!

Thank you to all the professional, volunteers and staff members who have worked for almost 100 years to keep Boxwell alive and flourishing!

Happy Boxwell Day everyone!

Boxwell Day

Happy Boxwell Day! Join us in celebrating Boxwell in all its incarnations!

From the Archives, June 21, 2015

Order of the Arrow Centennial

For those of you who didn’t know, 2015 is the centennial of the Order of the Arrow.  It goes without saying that the OA has been an integral part of Boxwell’s history since it’s beginning. In addition to various service projects and using Ordeal weekends to help get camp set up, the OA has been responsible for Winter Camp that started in 2003.

This week, the celebration comes to Boxwell specifically.  The OA has a “road show” called ArrowTour that is traveling to summer camps around the nation, showcasing the history of the OA. On Monday, ArrowTour will be at Boxwell.  You can read more about the tour here: and here:

To mark the celebration, we give you the oldest photo we have of the OA Lodge.  We’re not entirely sure of the date, but our best guess is shortly after its original construction in 1967.  Happy Centennial Order of the Arrow!

OA Lodge, 1960s

The earliest photo we have of the OA Lodge in our archives. We believe this was taken shortly after the Lodge’s construction in 1967.

From The Archives, January 25, 2015

2015 Boxwell Leadership

It is that time again!  Believe it or not, but the wheels are already turning for Summer Camp 2015!  Interview were held in December for staff and the summer camp kikc-off meeting was  Thursday, January 15.

Among the items showcased that night was this video by Eagle Scout Evan Penfield:

Also it was announced that Head Ranger Steve Belew will be moving to a Girl Scout camp in Florida.  In short, he will be moving before summer camp begins.

Of course, for our purposes, the big news is the 2015 Leadership team.  Below is the list of directors and shown here is the same.

Thanks to Russell Parham for his notes of the Kick-Off and a big thanks to Crystal Mayfield from the Council Office for providing the images and names.

Boxwell Administration
Joe Priester-Trading Post
Carl Adkins-Reservation Director
Mike DeGuira-Adminstration Manager
Cindy Sentell-Food Service Director
Karen Kozloski-Food Service Director

Craig Top Three
Camp Director-Tony Turner
Camp Commissioner-Perry Bruce
Program Director-J.J. Norman

Stahlman Top Three
Camp Director-Steve Eubank
Camp Commissioner-N/A
Program Director-Max Briscoe

Stahlman Area Directors
Pool-Tanner Waller
Pool-Jessica Pewitt
Waterfront-Andrew Berta
Boat Harbor-Michael Allen
Shooting Sports-Emily Donaldson
E-Con-Jack Adamson
Handicraft-David Peterman
Activity Yard-Aaron Gonzales
Green Bar-Kevin Snoddy
Kitchen-Josh Locke

Craig Area Directors
Waterfront-Sean Patten
Parnell Shooting Sports-Craig Carpenter
Shotgun-Jim Bryant
COPE-Tanner Shackleford
COPE-Justin Williams
Shooting Sports-Rob Hersh
E-Con-Chad Thomas
Handicraft-William Albert
Activity Yard-Kenne Manning
Green Bar-Meredith MaGurik
Green Bar-Walter Merop

2015 Leaders

These are the directors for the 2015 Summer Camp season.