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Some Camp Stories I

A few months ago, I solicited former staff members for some information about their time on staff. Now that camp is up and running, it seems like a good time to publish a few of those!

From Rick Ehler, Stahlman, 1974, 1975, 1985; Boat Harbor, 1995-1998, 2009-2016
“When the boat harbor reopened in 1995 we lived in tents down at the harbor. We would adopt stray cats to stay with us to help with the raccoon problem. Every night one of the cats that have become extremely fond of me would jump on my bed and sleep next to me. One evening I felt the cat, jump on the bed around one or two o’clock in the morning. After shifting in my sleeping bag I realized that what had jumped on my bed was not a cat but a raccoon. I quickly grabbed my flashlight and a tennis shoe and scared the raccoon off.”

From Walter Person, Stahlman Waterfront, 1996 to Present
“June 1999 Jeremy McCraw was the water front Dir at Stahlman. Swim checks were taking place on a Friday morning for the staff. “Remo” came down in jeans and shirt. Jeremy said, “you can’t take the swim test in jeans.” Remo said OK and ripped his jeans and shirt off. Mccraw said not in your White tides. As Remo walked toward the water, Remo said, “OK as he ripped his undies off and proceeded to the water with his Birthday suit on as Jeremy SCREAMED NO YOU CANT TAKE A SWIM TEST TODAY AT ALL!!! BOY WERE WE LAUGHING!”

From the Archives, June 10, 2018

The Sunday Night Campfire

Week 1 of the 2018 Summer Camp season starts today. Thus, we felt like the best way to kick-off the summer would be to look at the Sunday Night Campfire.

The Sunday Night Campfire has been part of Boxwell since the Rock Island Boxwell. This has traditionally been a kick-off campfire. Scouts are introduced to the high-octane energy of camp as well as some of the procedures and history. In theory, the collection of songs and skits of Sunday night set a tone, exciting Scouts for the week ahead.

And there’s a REALLY big fire.

Seen here is a Stahlman Sunday night campfire, specifically from 2004. The image is just of the fire itself, but let’s be honest–an impressive fire on Sunday night sets the stage for a great week. At least, as staff, that’s what we like to think. 🙂

Share your favorite Sunday night campfire skits, songs, or cheers in the comments.

Sunday Night Campfire

Stahlman’s Sunday Night Campfire, 2004.

From the Archives, June 3, 2018

Stahlman Activity Yard Entrance, 1960s

Staff Week for 2018 begins today. For those of us who have been staff members in the past, this week is both incredibly fun and an intense amount of hard work. In my interviews, a theme that often comes up is how surprised new staff members are by Staff Week. They’d never worked like that before!

Of course, that hard work from staff week bears fruit. Songs are learned, sites are prepared, tarps are hung, and program areas are prepared. By the end of the week, camp is ready to go; program is ready to begin.

And so, this week, a simple photo. Here is the entrance to Stahlman’s Activity Yard sometime in the 1960s. Unlike many other program areas, Stahlman’s AY has been in the same location since the opening of the Reservation in 1960. The smaller signs list merit badges and skills taught here. On the left, Pioneering, Camping, Cooking, and Signaling. On the right, Tenderfoot, Second Class, First Class, and Hiking. ANd yes, the “Activity Yard” clearly began life as the “Activities Yard.”

Stahlman AY

The entrance to the Stahlman Activities area, sometime in the 1960s.


Hello All,

We’re taking a small hiatus.  We’ll be back the first Sunday in June with regular postings.  Enjoy the nice weather and see you in two weeks with some more Boxwell history!

The VirtualBoxwell Team

From the Archives, May 13, 2018

Boxwell Music, Part VI

We’re going to wrap up our exploration of Boxwell musicians by ending pretty close to the modern day. This week is a little different than the other weeks in that it is a song that brings us this week’s entry. And the song? “Carl Call the Crab” from 2011.

The song (available here: emerged from a running joke at camp. Mike DeGuira, the Crab office manager, would often call Reservation Director Carl Adkins on camp radio telling Carl to call the Crab over his cell phone. A group of Camp Craig musicians found the idea that Carl would be called told on the radio to call on the phone so amusing, they wrote a song about it, with each line relating to some sort of inside joke about camp life.

The group has gone by several names, includes Crunch and Camp Craig Band, the Bloodworth Borthers, and Cole Slaw. Whatever the name, they could play more than the one song. With guitars, a banjo, a mandolin, and a bass, the acoustic tradition carried on with songs like “Boiling Cabbage Down,” “Fire on the Mountain,” “Shady Grove,” and “Seven Spanish Angels.” The group Consisted (originally) of Crunch (Ryan Crowder), Cameron Grady, Nick Driscoll, and Luke Boruff. The group still exists today, but the line up has changed quite a few times.

The image here is a from a reunion of sorts in 2017. Pictured are (L-R) Luke Boruff, Cameron Grady, Ryan “Crunch” Crowder, Calvin Alcorn, Carl Adkins, and Thomas Stroud; Mike Deguira is sitting up front.

Camp Craig Boys

From Left to Right: Luke Boruff, Cameron Grady, Ryan “Crunch” Crowder, Calvin Alcorn, Carl Adkins, and Thomas Stroud; Mike Deguira is sitting up front.