From the News, April 19, 2017

“Avoid Politics, Scouters Advised”

As the Council announced Silver Beaver recipients this week, it seems appropriate to show an article doing the same from a few years back. Despite the title of the article, the subject is actually quite straight-forward.  After pointing out the Silver Beaver recipients, the article goes on to identify the newly elected Council officers.  1953 was apparently a big year!

“Avoid Politics, Scouters Advised,” The Tennessean, February 10, 1953, pg. 7.

Ignore Politics, Scouters Advised

From the News, April 5, 2017

A Brief History…

In 1985, the Boy Scouts of America celebrated its 75th Anniversary, the Diamond Jubilee.  While the Council itself wasn’t quite that old, it did still take the opportunity to celebrate.  So during that first week in February–Scout Week–the Council took out a multi-page advertising section in The Tennessean.  The eleven page insert featured several actual advertisements from Scouting supporters, such as Castner Knott’s, Harvey’s, and Thomas Nelson.  It also included a host of “articles” extolling the many programs and opportunities the Council offered.

One of these articles was “BSA Started With Good Turn,” which was a brief history of the Middle Tennessee Council from the start of Scouting to the Council’s formation in 1920 all the way up to the then-current Executive Hershel Tolbert.  Remembering that it is an advertisement for the Council, it is still a simple, concise overview of MTC’s 65 years.

“BSA Started With Good Turn,” The Tennessean, February 3, 1985, Advertisement pgs. 4 & 5.

BSA start

Note there is no author to the article, because it is in fact not an actual article, but an advertisement.

From the News, March 29, 2017

Green Bar Bill

As we discussed back in 2014, the Scouting legend William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt came to Boxwell to stay for awhile.  The article though looks at Hillcourt’s history and even gives some explanation of his involvement with the Scout Handbook and how writing the 9th Edition brought him out of retirement.

Harwell Wells, “Despite His Age, He’s Still into Scouting,” The Tennessean, June 19, 1986, pgs. B1 and B2.

Green Bar Bill

Green Bar Bill visits Boxwell, June 1986


From the News, March 15, 2017

Scouts Anniversary Festivities

In honor of Andrew Jackson’s birthday, we present you an article about Nashville Boy Scouts paying homage to Andrew Jackson (sort of).  Thus, you have just learned two things.  First, the Scouts used to have activities celebrating their anniversary at the Hermitage.  Second, Andrew Jackson’s birthday is March 15.

“Boy Scouts Renew Allegiance to the Flag,” Nashville Banner, February 9, 1925, pg. 5

Scouts celebrate their anniversary at the Hermitage

Scouts celebrate their anniversary at the Hermitage