From the Archives, July 31, 2022

From the Archives, July 31, 2022
“Here I Go!” Episode 3: Chasing Cattle

Imagine you and a bunch of your friends sitting around a table talking about camp… and someone happens to record it. That is basically what happened in February 2000 when Charlie Ray Smith, Jerry Barnett, Russ Parham, and Kerry Parker sat down at Charlie Ray’s house. The story here for Episode 3 is primarily Charlie Ray recalling an attempt to ride cattle found out in the Percy Dempsey Area near Akers lake in the 1960s. Photos are mostly of Charlie Ray as memorial for his passing this last week.

From the Archives, March 13, 2022

“Here I Go!” Episode 2: The Farm, Part 1

Episode 2 showcases part of an October 2015 interview with Larry Green. Green has a LONG history Boxwell, dating all the way back to 1966. Not only was Green associated with the camp, but so were several members of his family. His brother, Punkin, and uncle Bill are mentioned here as well. Grady Eades and Russ Parham serve as interviewers for this segment about the farming operation at Boxwell.

From the Archives, January 9, 2022

“Here I Go!” Episode 1: Mapping Boxwell

Now that the Boxwell history book, For the Good of the Program, is complete, we have an opportunity to share some of our research. “Here I Go!” is a new video series to showcase some of the great stories we’ve collected over the years.

Episode 1, “Mapping Boxwell,” takes a story from Ward C. Akers, son of Council Executive Ward Akers. Father and son (and Rock Island Boxwell Camp Director and professional Scouter Richard Parker) took a walkabout on the property that WOULD BE Boxwell Reservation. Akers details that experience here. With the exception of the interviewer, Kerry Parker, all the individuals here have passed on.

This series is a bit of experiment. We will continue our regular posts and throw up a few more videos we want to preserve for posterity, but this idea seemed liked something you might enjoy. If you enjoyed the video and would like us to continue the series, please, make a comment. We want to know we’re putting something out there people want!