Skilled Trades Center Dedication

Thursday, October 12 was a big night for Middle Tennessee Council, Boxwell Reservation, and our own Jason Flannery. The Roy Grindstaff Skilled Trades Center was dedicated at Camp Parnell. On hand were Aubrey Harwell, John Cage, The Pfeffers, and of course Robin Grindstaff Hurdle. A Skilled Trades Center was part of Jason Flannery’s vision for Boxwell even before he became Reservation Director. And now, Boxwell is the only Scout camp in the nation with such a facility. Congratulations to all involved for making this dream a reality.

Roy Grindstaff Skilled Trades Center, October 12, 2023

Merry Christmas 2021

As has become a tradition around here, we present you with Tom Willhite as Santa Claus. DE Buff Groth is asking for gifts!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

Tom Willhite as Santa Claus at a Council Christmas party; 1980 Parnell Camp Director Buff Groth on his lap

On This Day, December 15

On this day–Wednesday, December 15, 1982–long time Scout Executive Bruce Atkins passed away. A graduate of Austin Peay, Atkins joined the ranks of the Middle Tennessee Council professional staff in 1960. He served two districts before promotion to Field Director in 1965. In 1966 he was promoted again to Assistant Council Executive and Director of Camping, serving at Reservation Director at Boxwell from the summer of ’66 through the summer of ’69. In 1970, he became Council Executive of the West Tennessee Council in Jackson, TN and in 1976, he became Council Executive of the Great Smoky Mountains Council. Atkins battled cancer early in his career and had surgery to remove it. The cancer returned by the early 1980s and was responsible for his death. Atkins was 48 years old.

Bruce Atkins, Wood Badge staff, 1967