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We’re taking a small hiatus.  We’ll be back the first Sunday in June with regular postings.  Enjoy the nice weather and see you in two weeks with some more Boxwell history!

The VirtualBoxwell Team

Informal Poll

Informal Poll:
If we were to produce something for Boxwell’s centennial, what would you most like to see?
1) A full-on history book (250-300 pgs)
2) A short history book, heavy on anecdotes (150-175 pgs)
3) A coffee table book of photos
4) Something else entirely (give suggestions)
It is time to do some long term planning, so we’re curious what people would be most excited about.

Staff Week, 2015

Staff Week for summer camp 2015 has now begun.  If you are curious about the summer schedule, check out the council’s calendar here:

In the meantime, if you haven’t joined us on Facebook, please do so.  We have several things going on over there that we will not be posting to the blog, such as staff photos through the years (1955 Rock Island Staff this week!) and a Mystery Man game.  Please, come join the discussion on Facebook:

The VirtualBoxwell Team

2015 Updates

2015 Updates

We have spent the last months making a number of upgrades to  Some are quite small, but others are some significant content revisions.  Here is the run-down.

All copyright dates updated to reflect the new year.

A new “In Memory…” page to recognize deceased staff members.  This is a new link off the main page.

A new “Staff Reunions” page was added to the Staff Section.  This page has all the formal photos from the past five Reunions as well as select informal photos.  All photographs are identified.

The section links for the Virtual Museum have been updated.  Further, the Woodbadge page (formerly in “Staff”) has now been moved to Permanent Exhibits.

A new subpage for the Boat Harbor Maintenance has been added to the Camp Stahlman page.

A new subpage for the Boxwell Zipline has been added to the Reservation page.

The maps have been updated to reflect current changes at Boxwell, including “McKinney Pond” (formerly Woodbadge Pond).

There have been updates to each section of the Primer as well.

The VirtualBoxwell Banner has been updated for the winter.

Below are the original images used for the updates. Be careful–there are a few!

And, of course, Flickr has been updated with all the Reunion Photos.

The VirtualBoxwell Team

OA Lodge Snow

OA Lodge in the Snow. Photo By Lance Ussery.

Boat Harbor Maintenance

The new Travis-Adkins Boat Harbor Maintenance Center.

Zipline Adventure

The sign to the new Boxwell Zipline Adventure Area.

Deugaw, 1992.

Pat Deugaw next to Dutch Mann’s Totem Pole. Camp Parnell, 1992.

Half-mast, pat

Reservation Flags at half-mast, marking the death of Pat Deugaw, 2011.

Akers Cabine

Renovations to Akers Cabin… aka Ittabenna… aka Fehermann Training Center

2014 Staff Reunion Photos

Last Weekend for 2014 Boxwell Staff Reunion Photos!

This is the final weekend we’ll be offering the 2014 Staff Reunion Photos, so if you haven’t downloaded the photos, you should do it now! The “formals” are provided in a printable, 8×10 format. “Informal” photos are provided as well. There are approximately 510MB of photos, so give yourself some time if you have a slow connection!

Formal Reunion Photos

Informal Reunion Photos

Enjoy the photos!

Staff Reunion

2014 Boxwell Staff Reunion