Remember the Staff, 2000s

Remembering the Staff, 2000s
By 2006, some stability had returned to Boxwell. After a brief run by Ron Turpin (1997-2001), Pat Scales served as Reservation Director for one summer (2002). But from 2003 to present, Carl Adkins has been the Reservation Director. By 2006, the pool was in place and the “High Adventure Area” was now a part of Boxwell.
So, today, we remember the 2006 staffs! Shown here are the Pool Staff and the Stahlman Staff for 2006. We don’t have photos for the 2006 Craig or CubWorld staffs. Both photos courtesy of “Big John” Kasper.
Pool 2006

The Pool Staff in 2006 with John Kasper as the Director.

Stahlman 2006.

The Camp Stahlman staff in 2006. The Program Director was Randy Coats.

Remembering the Staff, 1980s

Remembering the Staff, 1980s
This week we remember the staff from 1986. Unfortunately, we only have a staff photo from the Craig staff for that year.
Nevertheless, 1986 is an interesting year. Generally, the 1980s are considered “The Barnett-Ragsdale Era” because of the long-running Program Directors Jerry Barnett (Parnell/Craig) and Ernie Ragsdale (Stahlman). However, in 1986, neither man was Program Director! At Craig, the Program Director was Kerry Parker; at Stahlman, the Program Director was Harold G. Tracy. Tom Willhite was still Reservation Director.

Craig 1986

The Camp Craig Staff in 1986. Kerry Parker (far right, green shirt, red beard) was Program Director.

Remembering the Staff, 1970s

As we’ve mentioned before, on our Facebook page, we do a weekly “Remembering the Staff” post, but we normally don’t here because we have all the staff photos posted elsewhere.  However, 1976 is just too big a year to NOT comment on!

1976 was a CRITICAL year in the history of Boxwell. Ward Akers was pushed out in 1975 and when he left Reservation Director Ed Human left too. Hershel Tolbert came in as the new Scout Executive and Tom Willhite became the new Reservation Director.
As if this wasn’t exciting enough, 1976 was also the year of the Great Staff Strike. Threatened with the possibility of having a room and board charge taken out of their checks, virtually all of the adult staff walked out hours before camp began. Among the several who walked was Stahlman’s Program Director, Garland Russell. This ended up elevating Russell Parham to Program Director at Stahlman, making him (at that point) the youngest Program Director ever at 21 years old–an anomaly that would continue for another 20 years!
Thus, these photos are of a staff in the midst of some serious growing pains!
Parnell 1976

Parnell Staff, 1976

Stahlman 1976

Stahlman Staff, 1976