Remembering the Staff, The 1970s

The stars really aligned on this one, but in all the wrong ways!  Camp Parnell was closed in 1977 as part of its new rotation with Camp Craig.  Craig and Stahlman were both open, but for neither camp do we have a staff photo.  Either one was not taken or one simply has yet to migrate into our hands.

At Stahlman, the Program Director was Russ Parham and the Camp Director (still a professional then) was Allen Jones.  At Craig, the Program Director was… wait for it… Ernie Ragsdale!  The Camp Director was Don McKinney.

The photo here is of the 1977 Staff Hat patch–the first year of the Tom Willhite staff hats.  Patch from Boyd Williams of Middle Tennessee Council Patches.

1977 Boxwell Staff Hat Patch

1977 Boxwell Staff Hat Patch

Remembering the Staff, 1950s

Camp has begun, so it is time to revisit our “Remembering the Staff” series.  Every week while summer camp is going on, we will make a post showcasing the staff of different decades.  Remember, of course, that you can find all of the staff photos here:

So, following tradition, this first week focuses the Rock Island staff.  Unfortunately, we don’t have a Rock Island Staff photo for 1957.  Last year, we didn’t have a 1956 staff photo, so we provided you with a welcome letter from the camp directors.  This year, we’ll provide you with a 1957 thank you letter from the Camp Directors Richard Parker and Don Starin. From the collection of Bob Alley.

Thank you

An end of season Thank You Letter to Bob Alley from the 1957 camp directors.

Remember the Staff, 2000s

Remembering the Staff, 2000s
By 2006, some stability had returned to Boxwell. After a brief run by Ron Turpin (1997-2001), Pat Scales served as Reservation Director for one summer (2002). But from 2003 to present, Carl Adkins has been the Reservation Director. By 2006, the pool was in place and the “High Adventure Area” was now a part of Boxwell.
So, today, we remember the 2006 staffs! Shown here are the Pool Staff and the Stahlman Staff for 2006. We don’t have photos for the 2006 Craig or CubWorld staffs. Both photos courtesy of “Big John” Kasper.
Pool 2006

The Pool Staff in 2006 with John Kasper as the Director.

Stahlman 2006.

The Camp Stahlman staff in 2006. The Program Director was Randy Coats.