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We’re taking a small hiatus.  We’ll be back the first Sunday in June with regular postings.  Enjoy the nice weather and see you in two weeks with some more Boxwell history!

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Naming the Unknowns, July 22, 2015

This week’s unknowns brings up to a time a little more current than last week’s photo.  Here’s what we know: The photo is from Camp Craig, 2009.  Clearly, this is a flag ceremony and the time stamp of 7:48am tells us this is morning flag raising.  The folder is labeled as “Thomas.”

We know Lee Craft.  Who is everyone else?  Who is “Thomas” referring to here?

Picture 088

Photo by “Thomas.” Morning flag raising at Camp Craig, 2009.

Naming the Unknowns, June 24, 2015

Pat Deugaw Day, 2009

This week’s photo is from the collection of Aaron Patten.  The photo is from July 6, 2009, also known as “Pat Deugaw Day,” honoring the EXTREMELY long service of “The Old Soldier.”

We know several of the people here, but there are still a few mysteries.  From Left to Right:

1. Tim Ratliff
2. Unknown woman
3. Ross White
4. Unknown REALLY tall man
5. Unknown man (Shotgun instructor?)
6. Ron Turpin
7. Margaret Deugaw
8. Tom Willhite
9. Pat Deugaw
10. Unknown goateed man
11. Steve Eubank
12. Carl Adkins
13. Jerry Barnett
14. Unknown Man with glasses
15. John Neal (hidden)
16. Grady Eades

Who are 2, 4, 5, 10, and 14?

Deugaw Day

Pat Deugaw Day, 2009