On July 5, 1921 the VERY FIRST Boxwell opened in Linton, TN.

A truck picked up Scouts going to camp at the intersection of the Belle Meade and Harding Road at 10am and 4:30pm.  Camp only ran for about three weeks at the time and cost less than $6 a week!

We are hoping to start a new tradition, not just here at VirtualBoxwell, but across Middle Tennessee Council by celebrating BOXWELL DAY–a day commemorating the opening of the first Boxwell.

To that end, we ask for two things from you:
1) Share this message far and wide.  If you use social media, share the post.  If you are looking on the website, share the link.  Spread the word so that everyone knows this is a new Middle Tennessee Council holiday!
2) Take this opportunity to share your favorite Boxwell stories in the comments AND, if you are staff member, contact an old friend and reminisce about years gone by!

Thank you to all the professionals, volunteers and staff members who have worked for 100 summers to keep Boxwell alive and flourishing!

Happy Boxwell Day everyone!

Boxwell Day, 2020

2021 Reunion: Final Call!

This is the Final Call for letting us know where to find you and contact you. Online updates end tomorrow night. Help us celebrate July Fourth AND Boxwell Day on July 5th by completing the form! Don’t forget to share with your other camp staff friends!

2020 Staff Census

Virtual Camp 2020, July 3

The Camp Cheer

This is our last post for Virtual Camp 2020, though we will be making one more push over the next 48 hours for every staff member to update their contact information for the upcoming Centennial Celebrations, including a staff reunion. You can do so here:

In the meantime, since we are a historic site, we felt it appropriate to end with this photo from Camp Parnell 1970. Here the crowd in being fired up with the Parnell Cheer. Of course, as we all know, there is Stahlman Cheer, a Craig Cheer, a CubWorld cheer, and a Boxwell Cheer. We hope this brings a smile to your face.

Parnell Cheer
The Parnell Cheer, 1970

Virtual Camp 2020, July 3

The OA Lodge at Night

We would be remiss in our look at Boxwell if we did not include a good representation of the OA Lodge. With ceremony sites all over the reservation and an absolutely critical role to play in camp set up, the OA is inextricably tied to Boxwell. And of course, Wednesday nights are Cracker Barrels at the Lodge. Here is the OA Lodge at night, 2004.

OA Lodge at night
The OA Lodge (pre-renovations) at night, 2004