Website update, September 2018

Greetings All,

A few website updates for you.  We have added staff photos for 2018.  Special thanks to Jason Flannery and Craig Carpenter for the photos. You can find them here:

The Staff Page
Stahlman Staff
Craig Staff
Reservation Staff

We are working on building a directors’ chart for CubWorld and Camp Murrey.  Hopefully we’ll have that built and loaded soon!

We also have a new banner image.  Here is the original, taken this summer at the July Fourth campfire.

July 4th Joint campfire from stage left, 2018. Photo by Grady Eades.

July 4th Joint campfire from stage left, 2018. Photo by Grady Eades.

Website Updates, June 2018

Hello All,

We try to keep our material here up to date, which is sometimes hard when there has been as much activity at Boxwell lately as there has been… and even more coming in the future!  Nevertheless, we give you some quick updates to the website with more formal photos in this Sunday’s posting.

So, the updates:
1) The big updates are at CubWorld.  The map and all the accompanying pop up pages that go with it have been updated.  There have been several changes at CubWorld this summer and the new map reflects those changes.  There are photos for those new structures as well.

2) We’ve updated the banner image.  The original photo is below, taken Wednesday, June 20 by Grady Eades.

3) We are working on updating our staff lists.  We’ve added Jason Flannery as the new Reservation director and some of the leadership at Craig and Stahlman.  In the long-term queue is to build a director history for CubWorld.  We hope to have that before the end of the year.

More coming soon!


A Scout descends the Al Hendrickson Tower.


Hello All,

We’re taking a small hiatus.  We’ll be back the first Sunday in June with regular postings.  Enjoy the nice weather and see you in two weeks with some more Boxwell history!

The VirtualBoxwell Team

From the Archives, April 1, 2018

The Big Four

Over the last several weeks, we’ve posted something on each of the Boxwells. We walked through something special for each of the first three Camp Boxwells. It seemed appropriate this week to end on the “new” Boxwell.

The “new” Boxwell was not just new because it was new facilty at a new location, though both of these points were true. It was also new because no longer was it “Camp Boxwell,” but Boxwell Reservation. The entire enterprise had increased increased by orders of magnitude. Where the Linton Boxwell had 80 Scouts at week for six weeks, Boxwell Reservation had hundreds of Scouts a week in not one, but two resident camps and ran for eight weeks!

Seen here are the men who made it happen and the namesakes of the new camps in the reservation. From left to right, E. B. Stahlman, E. E. Murrey, Ward E. Akers, and R. L. Parnell. All the details point to this photo being from 1960–the first year of the new Boxwell Reservation.

Read more about the Capital Campaign leading to the new Boxwell. 

Big Four

Dedication, 1960. Stahlman, Murrey, Akers, and Parnell together

Boxwell Anecdotes Project

The Questionnaire closes tonight.

We’ve had just over 50 responses. I know there are more!

If you were/are a Boxwell staff member, I encourage you to complete the questionnaire below. By all means, give me your favorite camp stories/memories, but PLEASE spend some time on the leadership questions. Understanding the people and their leadership qualities/styles is an important part of my research.

I will be closing access to the survey on March 31, 2018. You have less than two weeks.

Thank you for your help. It is greatly appreciated.