Website Updates

Happy New Years’ Eve! As we prepare for 2023 here at VirtualBoxwell, we’ve made a few site changes. All pages have been updated to reflect 2023 for the copyright. Also, as we do every three months or so, we have a new banner image on the main website ( and the blog ( Below is the original image from former Ranger Steve Belew in the winter of 2010.

We’re tinkering with a few ideas for this year that we hope to roll in the next few weeks. Some should be pretty interesting, but one is going to be a site update. With the development of the Skilled Trade Center at Parnell, we’ve finally accepted the end of Camp Parnell as a resident camp. So, some time in the next month or so, we will update the Camp Parnell map to reflect the current reality on the ground. In the meantime, be sure to visit the “Classic Parnell” page while it is still up!

Fort Cub at CubWorld, Winter 2010, photo by Steve Belew
Fort Cub at CubWorld, Winter 2010, photo by Steve Belew

Council Social Media

Greetings everyone! If you’re interested in keeping up with the Council’s different social media platforms, follow this link:

And of course, there’s the various VirtualBoxwell social media platforms as well:

Site Updates, July 1, 2022

We made a few updates in the last couple of days.

First, the CubWorld Map was updated. We replaced Council Rock with Hackney Pavilion and corrected a showerhouse oversight. CubWorld only has two showerhouses. One is now designated as just for adults and one just for youth. Our map notes now reflect that reality and notes on each area now point to the nearest (relative) latrine instead of nearest showerhouse. Visit the CubWorld Map here:

Second, as we are now in the third quarter of the year, we have updated the banner image. Below is the original photo. As you can tell, we did a little editing to create a more visually pleasing image. In other words, we made it look better.