Website Update, July 12, 2024

2024 Staff Photos

We are pleased to publish the 2024 Staff photos.  Please visit and chose whichever camp you’d like review.

Or just check out the photos here.

Thank you 2024 staff for all you did for Scouting in the Middle Tennessee Council!

Craig Staff, 2024

Camp Craig Staff, 2024. Collection of Gavin Nixon.

Stahlman Staff, 2024

Camp Stahlman Staff, 2024. Collection of Ed Mason.

CubWorld Staff, 2024

CubWorld Staff, 2024. Collection of Jason Flannery

Reservation Staff, 2024

Reservation Staff, 2024. Collection of Jason Flannery.

Website Update, May 2024

A few updates to the main website as we move into the summer.

–New Banner image. The original is seen here. From the collection of Jason Flannery.

–“In Memory” page updated to reflect recent passings.

–Staff Pages updated for 2024 leadership and their respective footers for 2024 copyright. There are holes and the list may not be completely accurate, but it is what we have available right this moment.

Be sure to check out the latest news on the blog:

Bonus Material: Boxwell Staff Alumni Association
You can check out the official first issue of the Boxwell Staff Alumni Association, Alumni Times, here: You can also visit the Boxwell Staff Alumni Association social media:

And of course, if you are a former Boxwell Summer Camp Staff member, please join the Alumni Association. Cost for the Association is $35. Here is the link to sign up and pay online: .You can still be considered a founding member if you sign up before September.

VirtualBoxwell will update its menu of links when the Alumni website is up and ready to go.

The Crippled Crab after 2024 renovations, including new roof, poles, and lighting. Collection of Jason Flannery.

Website Update

Photo information

From the very beginning of the VirtualBoxwell blog, we have made an effort to note critical information about the photos we use. This included a “title” of the photo, who the photo belonged to, dimensions, and year. It is essential to the work that we do that this information be noted.

However, WordPress has updated to the point where this information is no longer publicly available. Previously, you could click on a photo and get the critical information we were providing. This is no longer possible.

So, going forward, we will provide this information as part of posting. If there is any photo in the Boxwell News blog that you would like to know the background on, please let us know. We will happily provide this information as we never intended it to not be public.