Website Updates

Quick updates tonight.

We have updated the “In Memory” section of the website to reflect the passing of Claus “Dutch” Mann and Bobby Reasons.

As we do every three months or so, we have updated the banner image. Here is the original, from the collection of Grady Eades.

Pirates Coves

Pirates Cove as it looked from Old Hickory Lake, 2015.

From the Archives, December 4, 2016

Boxwell in the Snow: The Grizzard Gateway

As winter is finally upon us (there’s actually snow in the forecast for Middle Tennessee!), it felt like a good time to show a snow photo.

This photo of the Grizzard Gateway was taken by Head Ranger Steve Belew in January 2010.  As the head ranger, Belew had a unique view of Boxwell in the winter.  After this particular snowfall, he took over 200 hundred photos of snow covering the Reservation. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing some of these photos.

This particular photo will also now serve a dual purpose.  It is our weekly “From the Archives” update, but it is also going to serve as VirtualBoxwell’s banner image for the winter season!

Grizzard snow

Grizzard Gateway in the snow, January 2010.

Website Update

Our host is moving to a new server sometime the week of the 25th. While we anticipate a smooth transition, if you have any issues with the main website (obviously, not the Facebook feed), this is the reason why. Check back and hopefully everything will be okay!

Website Updates

For the most part, we’ve been fairly quiet over here at  A few weekly postings, but nothing BIG.  Well, that’s because we’ve been busy!  So, as summer camp is now over, we can finally reveal what we’ve been working on.

There are several updates to the site, some large and some small.  There are two “big” changes, so we’ll touch on those first.

The “biggest” change (and we mean “big” because of the amount of work involved) is a total overhaul of the camp maps section ( Every map has been rebuilt from the ground up, each created from actual maps of Boxwell.  Thus, for the first time, the maps are actually shaped and proportioned to reflect the way Boxwell is actually laid out!  No more hand-drawn maps; these are the real deal.  New icons have been added and all new photos have been taken.  In short, just about every aspect of the camp maps has been redesigned and rebuilt to present Scouts and Scouters with a better layout of their camp.

The second “big” change will start on Wednesday.  We will be adding a new section to our blog and Facebook feed: From the News.  From the News will be articles from local newspapers (mostly the Tennessean and the Nashville Banner) about Boxwell and the Council.  In short, we will be providing “first draft” history of Middle Tennessee Council and Boxwell as it was being written.  It should be an interesting look at how things were “back in the day”!

As for the smaller changes…

We’ve updated the Staff Photos page.  We have new staff photos for Craig, Stahlman, CubWorld and the Reservation staffs.  Check this out at

As we do every three months or so, we’ve updated the banner image.  The new banner is a photo taken by Michael Seay in 1978… from the air!  The original photo is below.

We’ve also updated the “About Us” section (, conducted several interviews with past staff members (Ron Turpin, Larry Green, and Christy Willhite Bryant last summer and Jim Barr and the daughters of Ed Human this summer), updated the “Master List” for future reunions with almost 200 additions and corrections, and tried to track down an old time capsule.  It has been a busy summer!

We’d like to give a special thank you to a number of people who have helped make all of this possible.  To Russell Parham and Cameron Grady, who took photos for the new maps.  To Michael Seay, Eric Cole, and Chris Eckert, whose historic photos of Boxwell continue to find their way into “classic Parnell.” To JJ Norman, Noah Davis, Meredith MaGuirk, Jason Flannery, and John Kasper, whose contributions of staff photos in recent years keeps us current!

We’re still working on a variety of other long term projects.  Keep checking in to see what surprises await!

Craig Banner

Craig Dining Hall and original waterfront from the air, July 14, 1978. Photo by Michael Seay