Happy Boxwell Day!

Happy Boxwell Day!

On July 5, 1921 the VERY FIRST Boxwell opened in Linton, TN.

A truck picked up Scouts going to camp at the intersection of the Belle Meade and Harding Road at 10am and 4:30pm.  Camp only ran for about three weeks at the time and cost less than $6 a week!

We are hoping to start a new tradition, not just here at VirtualBoxwell, but across Middle Tennessee Council by celebrating BOXWELL DAY–a day commemorating the opening of the first Boxwell.

To that end, we ask for two things from you:
1) Share this message far and wide.  If you use social media, share the post.  If you are looking on the website, share the link.  Spread the word so that everyone knows this is a new Middle Tennessee Council holiday!
2) Take this opportunity to share your favorite Boxwell stories in the comments AND, if you are staff member, contact an old friend and reminisce about years gone by!

Thank you to all the professionals, volunteers and staff members who have worked for almost 100 years to keep Boxwell alive and flourishing!

Happy Boxwell Day everyone!

Boxwell Day

The four Boxwells: Linton, Narrows of the Harpeth, Rock Island, Old Hickory Lake

Website Updates, July 1, 2017

As is often the case when the summer arrives, we have made some updates to the site and more are on the way.  And we are working on some new content, but we’re not quite ready there.  In the meantime, here’s a quick run-down of the updates:

1. We’ve updated this year’s staff leadership.  Visit the Staff Page, choose a camp, and go to 2010-2019.  You’ll find a link there with the newest directors.

2. We’ve also added “Head Cooks” to the roster on the Administration charts.  If you remember who the head cooks were from about 1999 to 2015, we’ve love the info.

3. We’ve updated the Woodbadge page with our new collection of photos.

4. Updated camp maps.

5. Updated copyright dates.

6. New Banner Image.  We’ve added a new image as well.  This is a Scout participating in COPE activities this summer.

COPE 2017

Scout Participating in COPE activities

Website Updates

Quick updates tonight.

We have updated the “In Memory” section of the website to reflect the passing of Claus “Dutch” Mann and Bobby Reasons.

As we do every three months or so, we have updated the banner image. Here is the original, from the collection of Grady Eades.

Pirates Coves

Pirates Cove as it looked from Old Hickory Lake, 2015.

From the Archives, December 4, 2016

Boxwell in the Snow: The Grizzard Gateway

As winter is finally upon us (there’s actually snow in the forecast for Middle Tennessee!), it felt like a good time to show a snow photo.

This photo of the Grizzard Gateway was taken by Head Ranger Steve Belew in January 2010.  As the head ranger, Belew had a unique view of Boxwell in the winter.  After this particular snowfall, he took over 200 hundred photos of snow covering the Reservation. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be showcasing some of these photos.

This particular photo will also now serve a dual purpose.  It is our weekly “From the Archives” update, but it is also going to serve as VirtualBoxwell’s banner image for the winter season!

Grizzard snow

Grizzard Gateway in the snow, January 2010.