From the Archives, September 5, 2021

Boxwell History Video: Part 5

We are pleased to premiere our newest History of Boxwell video. This month we continue our look at Boxwell Reservation at Old Hickory Lake. Because the Old Hickory Lake location’s story is such a big period, we’ve broken the history into three parts. The first part covered the Akers years, 1960-1975. The second part premieres today and covers the Willhite era, 1976-1996.

This particular video utilizes pieces of the 1987 promotional film “Boxwell Adventure ’87” and the 1995 promotional film. Additionally, it pulls (mostly) music from Jason Bradford’s homemade film “Boxwell Reservation” (1998) as well as utilizes the slides used in Camp Promotion in the late 1970s. And, of course, you’ll see photos here we’ve never put out to the public before. It also includes narration by staff members from the period. We hope you enjoy it.

Next month, the Modern Boxwell, 1997 to present. Until then, enjoy the History Of Boxwell, Part V: Boxwell Reservation at Old Hickory Lake, 1976-1996.

Boxwell History Book Pre-Order

This is it! Pre-order on the first ever Boxwell History book, For the Good of the Program, ends tomorrow, August 31. Copies bought during the pre-order will be signed by the author.

Written by historian and former staff member Grady Eades, For the Good of the Program explores how a changing society led to changes in the Scouting program as delivered as summer camp. It utilizes a hundred years of newspaper articles and hundreds of hours of interviews and personal stories. It tells about the personalities who made the camp program happen and how Boxwell has changed over the last century.

Order your copy here:

Website Update, April 1, 2021

Hello All,

As Boxwell’s Centennial continues, we give you a new banner image. This banner reflects the Narrows of the Harpeth Boxwell, 1930-1948. Below is the new image.

We are approaching the actual Centennial date and thus the Staff Reunion as well. So as we move into the summer, we have a few more special things to throw out there. There will be some new videos coming as well as information and registration for the Staff Reunion. The “On This Day” series will occur more frequently and we’ll keep up our regular “From the Archives” posts. Hang on. We’re just getting started!

Here’s the new banner image. See you again soon!

From the Archives, January 3, 2021

Celebrating Boxwell’s Centennial

Here we are: Boxwell’s Centennial Year! We’ve been planning for this for a long time and even now, all of our ducks aren’t in a row. But at Boxwell, there is a saying, “Improvise and Adjust!” I also recall my generation saying “Good enough for government work!” Either way, we’re moving forward!

We have several things on the board this year that we wanted to share. Here’s what you can expect from us over the next few months:

1) Our regular “From the Archives” posts along with some occasional “Archives Rewind” posts, when we pull particularly interesting older posts and run them again (and corrected if we made errors at the time). We’ve been doing this awhile now and not everyone has caught everything!

2) “On This Day” will be a new regular series for this year only. We’ve compiled a list of important moments in Boxwell’s history and when those dates roll up, we’re going to publish a notice telling you what happened. It will be short and sweet, but you’re going to learn new things.

3) This summer–specifically on Saturday, July 3–we are planning a Boxwell Centennial Day to celebrate Boxwell’s 100 years. The day will involve a staff reunion, celebrating those who have made Boxwell program happen over the years. Mark your calendars!

4) New content on the main website. Specifically, we’re looking at the Primer sections, where we want to add more “Boxwell Greats” and share stories.

5) In conjunction with the Council, we’re planning on publishing an ACTUAL history book on Boxwell. Tentatively, it is titled For the Good of the Program: A Century of Middle Tennessee Scouting at Boxwell Reservation. It will be the only history of Boxwell that has ever been written.

6) We are also planning on some short history videos on each of the Boxwells. These will be completely original content, written and produced by VirtualBoxwell. Fingers crossed that those won’t appear too amatuer-ish!

So, to kick the year off we want to put something out there we’ve discussed on several occasions, but have never made publicly available before: The 1967 Boxwell Promotional Film. We have posted the entire film on our new YouTube channel and we encourage you to watch it. It is a treat; a real look into days gone by.

This will not be the last promotional video we publish this year either. We’re pulling out all the stops for Boxwell’s Centennial. Please, check in often. In the immortal words of a great staff member, “Camp Is Rough, Camp Is Tough, I Like Camp!”

1967 Promotional Still
The opening direction sign, a direct capture from the 1966/1967 promotional film.

Website Updates, January 2, 2021

We’ve spend the last few days making the annual updates to the website. All copyrights have been updated for 2021.

Camp Stahlman and Camp Craig maps have been updated. Many of the site numbers have been changed to add some order to the chaos. The map updates reflect the new site numbers. New photos have been added for the shotgun range as well as the new showerhouses.

The “In Memory…” page has been updated to reflect the passings over the last several months.

There is a new banner image. This is one of four that will be used this year to reflect Boxwell’s Centennial. More on that soon…

Centennial Banner 1