From the Archives, September 9, 2018

Boxwell Weddings: The Aldridges

We continue our look at Weddings at Boxwell this week with a look at another staff members’ wedding. Actually, to be accurate, this week looks at the wedding of TWO staff members!

Brandon Aldridge and Megan Kasper met in 2002 when Megan came to visit her father on the Stahlman Waterfront. Both worked on the Stahlman waterfront together in 2003 and began dating after camp that summer. Both continued on camp staff, though at different camps going forward. Still, it was at Boxwell they met, so it only made sense that it would be at Boxwell that they wed. Indeed, many staff member friends were part of the wedding!

Some interesting bigger issues here. First, Brandon’s sister worked at CubWorld. She met her future husband at camp as well–long time staff member Danny Waltman. Also, Megan’s father was long serving Waterfront and Pool director “Big John” Kasper. Thus, two Boxwell families were born out of camp staff relationships!

In the photos here, we see the happy couple leaving Fehrmann Training Center after the event. There’s our clear Wedding-at-Boxwell photo. The other photo is just funny–the happy couple gets a “Happy Birthday”-esque serenade from camp staff friends. And, as Brandon pointed out, check out those Fehrmann windows because they have probably never been that clean!

Aldridge wedding

Brandon and Megan leaving the Fehrmann Training Center after their wedding. Bubbles instead of birdseed.

Aldridge wedding

Brandon and Megan getting shouted down by fellow staff members at their wedding

Website update, September 2018

Greetings All,

A few website updates for you.  We have added staff photos for 2018.  Special thanks to Jason Flannery and Craig Carpenter for the photos. You can find them here:

The Staff Page
Stahlman Staff
Craig Staff
Reservation Staff

We are working on building a directors’ chart for CubWorld and Camp Murrey.  Hopefully we’ll have that built and loaded soon!

We also have a new banner image.  Here is the original, taken this summer at the July Fourth campfire.

July 4th Joint campfire from stage left, 2018. Photo by Grady Eades.

July 4th Joint campfire from stage left, 2018. Photo by Grady Eades.

From the Archives, September 2, 2018

Boxwell Weddings: The Bucks

As promised, we start our series on Boxwell weddings this week. To be honest, we don’t know exactly how many weddings have happened at Boxwell. Most are staff related, but not all. The ones we are going to showcase here all have a staff connection. SO, in no particular order…
Bradley and Carrie Buck met in November of 2008; they married at Boxwell in December 2010. Bradley, aka “Bucky,” had already been a Craig staff member for 4 years by 2010. Why Boxwell? As Carrie quite succintly explained, “Bradley’s life revolves around scouts. I knew how important Boxwell was to him and wanted to share that love for such a wonderful place. Boxwell is an alcohol free reservation and that was important to my family. Truly was a win win.”
While there are several photos to choose from, the one below clearly show the camp connection. While you wouldn’t know it by looking, an ice storm moved the ceremony from Camp Craig to the Fehrmann Training Center (Akers’ Cabin/Ittabeena). The high for the day was a balmy 45 degrees! Fellow staff member, now Trail of Tears District Executive, Ian Weir was the photographer.
After getting married, the couple would actually work on camp staff together for several years, sometimes literally together, sometimes in different roles on the staff. They have truly been a “Boxwell Power Couple.”
Buck Wedding

The wedding of Bradley and Carrie Buck, Fehrmann Training Center, December 2010

From the Archives, August 25, 2018

Now and Then, Part IV

We wrap up the Now and Then series this week with a look at the old COPE rappelling tower. Next month we take a look at Boxwell weddings.

On the left is the original COPE rappelling tower. Built in the mid-1980s, the tower was located along Craig Road near the upper edge of the Woodbadge parking lot. This was the tower in 2002; it was clearly past its prime and had long been surpassed by the Al Hendrickson Tower that we all know today–still the tallest building in Wilson County.

On the right is the original COPE rappelling tower today. Yep, it’s gone. If you got the site, there are still four stumps in the ground where the telephone pole uprights used to be, but the tower itself is no more.

Let’s be honest. You all knew that the whole “Now and Then” theme was building up to something just like this…


Here are two views of the original COPE rappelling tower.

From the Archives, August 19, 2018

Now and Then, Part III

Our “Now and Then” series takes a look at one of the more dramatic comparisons on the reservation: Murrey/Cubworld. One of the easiest ways to see that change is at the Dining Hall.

Most of you are aware that Camp Murrey opened in 1960 with Stahlman and Parnell; it was the family camp. Thus, as the top photo (1972) demonstrates, the camp’s needs were small and therefore so was the dining hall.

As part of the 1994 Capital Development Campaign, Murrey was replaced with CubWorld. The dining hall was gutted and expanded. You can see quite clearly in the bottom photo (2018)  the aspects of the original dining hall that remained after the renovations.

Murrey and Dubworld

Top Photo Murrey Dining Hall in 1972; Bottom Photo Cubworld Dining Hall, 2018.