Woodbadge has had a long history with Boxwell. Although it did not have a permanent camp dedicated to it, Woodbadge existed with the Old Hickory Boxwell at its very beginning. Originally, Woodbadge took place in what is today Site 6 in Camp Craig, back when Camp Craig was part of Camp Light and Camp Light was nothing but a wilderness camp. By the 1970s, Woodbadge moved to Camp "Beany" Elam and by the 1980s, Boxwell's Gilwell Field got the permanent structures of the Woodbadge shed and the pole barn. By the early 21st century though, the Woodbadge program changed and most of the program is now done indoors with only a small portion being the outdoor experience that defined Woodbadge training for decades.

Woodbadge staff members are obviously dedicated adult Scout volunteers, but there have also been a large number of Boxwell staff members who have been heavily involved in Woodbadge over the years, such as Steve Eubank, Perry Bruce, and Russ Parham. As the "old Woodbadge" program is quickly becoming a part of history, we felt a duty to present the material we had here and honor the old outdoor program that was a part of Boxwell for so long. As there have been scores of Woodbadge courses, we will make no attempt to mark "missing" Woodbadge courses, but will instead simply present the material we have.

The "Old" Woodbadge, 1960-2000

Woodbage MT-20 Woodbage MT-4 Woodbage MT-9 Woodbage MT-9 Woobdage MT-10 Woodbadge staff MT-14 Woodbadge Course, MT-16 Woodbadge course MT-17 Woodbadge course MT-19
Woodbadge course MT-21 Woodbadge staff MT-21 Woodbadge course MT-23 Woodbadge staff MT-23 Woodbadge course SE-177 Woodbadge course MT-24 Unknown Woodbadge Staff I Unknown Woodbadge Staff II Eubank and Dempsey


Permanent Exhibits


Special Exhibits



Woodbadge Staff